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3 ways to update your already existing logo design

In the fear of being left out or losing current clients, making changes in the logo is not a risk that every business is willing to take, however, if it is handled properly, there is no excuse not to do rebranding as it progresses. It reflects knowledge and pride in your company as well as a desire to move forward, both in your business and the efforts you make, whether it is in goods and services or technology.

Some of the questions you may be asking yourself are: How badly do you want it to change? The elements that should be retained? And with the updates, will the name still be recognizable?

Here are 3 suggestions you can use to spruce up your logo design after you go through your list of questions and find out what is important.


It can be almost as difficult to update an emblem as to buy logo for the first time. It would be immensely helpful to you, though, to spend time studying and sketching ideas. Stepping away from the screen allows the mind, without being bombarded by internet distractions, to come up with new thoughts.

Seeking online inspiration is certainly part of the process, but don’t forget to give yourself time away from the computer. Writing out a list of terms that refer to your organization is a successful starting point. There is no right or wrong way to do this however.

Strip it down:

We live in a time when a major movement is a minimalism, not only because it looks amazing, but because it works and makes sense. The whole point is to get rid of the surplus so that what’s passed on in terms of a brand is what you want the customers to be aware of.

Ultimately, stripping down your design will end up being helpful because it is much easier to remember a straightforward design than a complex one. If there are a lot of elements in the current emblem design, try to work out which ones are superfluous. You can have a plain text emblem with a few swooshes, for instance, or a graphic feature on it. What if you wanted to delete the text, for example, and make the graphic feature stay as your symbol or vice versa. You may then just rework or reinvent the one feature as your symbol.

Change the colors:

Choosing the right colours for something will mean accomplishment. We prefer to connect colours as well as certain objects to certain thoughts and feelings. Blue is a cool colour, for example, and is also viewed as accommodating. Red is a warmer color that is seen as energetic or feisty. Depending on what you want to do, changing the colours of the emblem will end up being either a subtle or drastic change.


It’s incredible how a slight tweak like the font or a color change will modernize and refresh a logo. However, if you were thinking to buy logo design to change it, you should rethink. As you can do so by just making little changes to your existing one.